Developing the future of education and research in cybersecurity and privacy.

The School of Cybersecurity and Privacy (SCP) is the Georgia Institute of Technology’s newest academic unit, as of fall 2020, and in many ways its most ambitious to date. We will meet the needs of new and current students and develop new programs even as we build on existing strengths. Georgia Tech’s commitment to cybersecurity predates the term, extending back more than 20 years to the Sam Nunn Forum which drew attention to the vulnerabilities of emerging computerized financial systems. In the intervening years, cybersecurity and privacy disciplines have become more important than ever to prepare and equip future professionals to help keep safe our personal and national interests.  


New Challenges and Opportunities 

Jan. 15, 2021
Welcome back from the extended holiday break. I hope we can meet face to face in 2021. Besides all the political happenings in December, there was a year-end watershed moment for the new School of Cybersecurity and Privacy: the revelation that the ubiquitous SolarWinds Orion software had been breached by exploiting vulnerabilities in its software supply chain. Georgia Tech’s CISO Jimmy Lummis joined me at my open office hours session last Friday to talk about the nature of the attack and its implications for cybersecurity research and education.  Jimmy also offered some insights into how organizations like Georgia Tech managed to shield itself from the attack’s worst effects.  Spoiler alert: luck played a significant role.
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Rich DeMillo
Richard DeMillo  


Online MS in Cybersecurity

Georgia Tech’s Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity (OMS Cybersecurity) is the only interdisciplinary degree in cybersecurity from a U.S. News & World Report Top 10-ranked public university that you can earn online.

MS in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is no longer just a computer programmer’s problem, it touches multiple disciplines, careers and nearly all aspects of society – from public policy to energy management to product design.

PhD in Computer Science

The Computer Science PhD program is divided up into a series of milestones which every student progresses through on the way to the degree. A component in information security is offered.

PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Technical interest areas include computer systems and software, digital signal processing, electrical energy, systems and controls, and more.

Faculty and Researcher Community

Georgia Tech cybersecurity and privacy research is represented worldwide at prominent venues and showcases some of the latest breakthroughs in the fields. Our community of experts bring a wide range of experience to collaborate across disciplines and tackle complex challenges in today’s technology environment.


Georgia Tech’s Secure and Safe Elections Research Group Aims to Improve Modern Voting Systems

Researchers from Georgia Tech have formed the Safe and Secure Elections research group. The group is developing tools that will allow Fulton County election officials to balance competing demands of election management, help enhance security and safety during the Covid-19 pandemic at polling locations, reduce voting waiting times, and expand access. Read More


New York Times
Biden to Restore Homeland Security and Cybersecurity Aides to Senior White House Posts

January 13, 2021

New York Times
He Created the Web. Now He’s Out to Remake the Digital World.

January 10, 2021

“In this changed regulatory setting, there is a market opportunity for Tim Berners-Lee’s firm and others to offer individuals better ways to control their data,” said Peter Swire, a privacy expert at the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business.


In Their Own Words

Students share how Georgia Tech is preparing them for new jobs and career growth.

The courses are teaching me security procedures and protocols to apply to my daily job in order to solve complex cybersecurity problems such as phishing attacks, exploits and cyberthreats.


Grace Fejokwu

The flexible core class in Human-Computer Interaction has given me a new perspective on how the end user views and accepts security controls and mechanisms.


Beau Sommerville

OMS Cybersecurity provides the right curriculum, guidance, environment, and opportunities to learn and practice foundations of cybersecurity in depth. Students are motivated to think, analyze and come up with answers on their own.


Vineet Garg

Classes cater to all levels with different program tracks such as policy or information security. It gives you the flexibility to be as technical as you want by offering electives that give you a fully rounded experience.


Becky Borrebach

Just recently my company was being hit with network-crippling DDOS attacks. We were studying these attacks in class at the same time. I was able to communicate what exactly was going on to upper management and recommend appropriate actions.


Michael Nichols

The program not only allows me to learn how to perform attacks like buffer overflows and SQL injections, but also how to implement countermeasures.


Christopher Jackson