SCP Home Units

Each student accepted to the SCP program is admitted to a specific “home unit.” Some home units may have some additional requirements beyond those described here. Financial assistance and lab space are typically determined by the rules and practices of the home unit. Please contact your academic advisor for any questions.

The following may serve as a home unit:

Home Unit Contact Information

School of
Cybersecurity and Privacy
SCP Graduate Office

Academic Contact:
Nancy Baker
Academic Program Coordinator

Faculty Contact: 
Mustaque Ahamad

School of Electrical and
Computer Engineering
ECE Graduate Office

Academic Contact:
Ph: 404.894.2983
ECE Contact Form

Faculty Contact: 
Matthieu Bloch 

School of Public Policy 
SPP Graduate Office

Academic Contact:
Michael Terrell
Academic Advisor
Ph: 404.894.0417

Faculty Contact: 
Milton Mueller