School of Cybersecurity and Privacy Lecture Series Archive


Fall Semester

“Security Analytics: Bridging large-scale data collection and analysis with human factors to design better defenses”  [Video]
Nicolas Christin, associate research professor, Carnegie Mellon University CyLab

“Towards Measuring and Mitigating Social Engineering Software Download Attacks”  [Video]
Terry NelmsPindrop

“Myths of Computer Security”
Curtis WalkerDraper Laboratory

“Understanding, Alleviating and Exploiting Electro-Magnetic Side-Channel Signals”  [Video]
Milos Prvulovic, professor, Georgia Tech School of Computer Science

“Breaking Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization (KASLR) with Intel TSX”  [Video]
Yeongjin Jang, PhD student, Georgia Tech School of Computer Science

“Cryptographically Enforced Access Control for User Data in Untrusted Clouds” [Presentation Slides]   [Video]
Frank Wang, PhD student, MIT & Cybersecurity Factory

“Managing Product Security and Integrity in a Global Supply Chain”  [Video]
Yousef Iskander, hardware security researcher, and Dmitry Kuchynski, security principal, Cisco Security Group

“Automating Analysis and Exploitation of Embedded Device Firmware”  [Presentation Slides]
Malachi G. Jones, embedded security researcher, Booz Allen Dark Labs

“Defending against Advanced Return-Oriented Programming Attacks”  [Video]
Michalis Polychronakis, assistant professor, Stony Brook University

“Fault Injection as an Attack Vector Against Trustworthy Embedded Systems”  [Video]
Patrick Schaumont, professor, Virginia Tech

“The Evolution of Modern Malware: Technology Trends and Motivations”  [Video]
Chris Smoak, division chief, GTRI Cyber Technology & Information Security Laboratory

“Leveraging Information Symmetry and Asymmetry for Effective Cyber Defense”  [Presentation Slides]
Jeff Reava, CISSP, CISM, CISA; director of information security operations, Jackson National Life Insurance Company

“ASwatch: An AS Reputation System to Expose Bulletproof Hosting ASes”  [Video]
Maria Konte, post-doctoral fellow, Georgia Tech School of Computer Science

“The Evolution of Data Privacy: From Concept to Execution”
Ling Liu, professor, Georgia Tech School of Computer Science

Spring Semester

Wenke Lee, professor, College of Computing
Stephen Pair, CEO, BitPay  [Video]
Frank Wang, coordinator, The Cybersecurity Factory  [Video]
Sivakumar “Siva” Raghupathy, director, CREATE-X
Adam Wenchel, VP for Security & Tech Analytics, Capital One  [Video]
Kyle Grossman and Jim Schwoebel, co-founders, CyberLaunch
Tim Junio, co-founder and CEO, Qadium Inc.

And Graduate Students:

Byoungyoung Lee  [Video]
Kangjie Liu
David Formby
Chengyu Song

and Ren Ding  [Video]