School of Cybersecurity and Privacy Lecture Series Archive


Fall Semester

“Out of Control: the expanded attack surface of control systems”  [Video]
Raheem Beyah, Georgia Tech School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

“What Constitutes an Act of War in Cyberspace?”  [Video]
Holly Dragoo, CIPHER Laboratory, Georgia Tech Research Institute

“Automatic Feature Engineering: Learning to Detect Malware by Mining the Scientific Literature”  [Video]
Tudor Dumitras, assistant professor, University of Maryland

“The Domestic Benefits of Subversive Foreign Propaganda: The RT (Russia Today) News Network and Geopolitical Muckraking”  [Video]
Hans Klein, Georgia Tech School of Public Policy

“Can Trust Be Delivered As a Service?”
Margaret Loper, Institute for Information Security & Privacy

“Tracing the Arc of Smartphone Application Security”  [Video]
Patrick McDaniel, professor and director, Institute for Network and Security Research, The Pennsylvania State University

“Energy System Cybersecurity and Operational Reliability”
Sakis Meliopoulos, Institute for Information Security & Privacy

“What Can Social Science Contribute to Cybersecurity Attribution Research?”
Milton Mueller, Georgia Tech School of Public Policy

“Call Me: Gathering Threat Intelligence on Telephony Scams to Detect Fraud”  [Video
Terry Nelms, Pindrop Security

“Security and Privacy Issues of Modern Web Browsers”  [Video]
Nick Nikiforakis, Stony Brook University

“Modern Malware and Secure Techniques for Better Software”  [Video]
Joel Odom, CIPHER Lab, Georgia Tech Research Institute

“Why Memory Corruption is Hard”  [Video]
Mathias Payer, Purdue University

“The Non-Code Aspects of Cybersecurity and the Globalization of Criminal Evidence”  [Slides] [Video]
Peter Swire, Institute for Information Security & Privacy

“Multi-stakeholder Network Security Concerns”  [Article]
Tony Tauber, Comcast

Spring Semester

“Human Computing for Handling Strong Corruptions in Authenticated Key Exchange”  [Video]
Shan Chen, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

“Secure Data Outsourcing: Access Pattern Confidentiality in Outsourced Databases”
Alexander Degitz, Exchange Research Scholar, Georgia Tech

“On Trust Analysis for Microelectronics-Based Systems”
Brandon Eames, technical lead, Sandia National Laboratories

“Tagging and Tracking of Multi-level Host Events for Transparent Computing”  [Video]
Mattia Fazzini, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

“Out of Control: Ransomware for Industrial Control Systems”
David Formby, Ph.D candidate, Georgia Tech, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

“Cloak & Dagger: From Two Android Permissions to Complete Control of the UI Feedback Loop”
Yanick Fratantonio, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara

“Protecting Computing Systems from Emerging Attacks”
Yeongjin Jang, Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

“Defeating Advanced Memory-Error Exploits by Preventing Information Leaks”
Kangjie Lu, Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

“Online Tracking: A 1-million-site Measurement and Analysis”  [Video]
Arvind Narayanan, assistant professor of computer science, Princeton University

“Hardware-Based Security and Trust For IoT and Supply Chain Authentication”  [Video]
James Plusquellic, professor of electrical engineering, University of New Mexico

“Exposing Cross-Channel Abuse in Converged Communications Infrastructure with Text-Messaging Scams”  [Video]
Bharat Srinivasan, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

“Keyless Fuzzy Search for Data-based Access Control”
Tianxin Tang, Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech, School of Computer Science

NDSS’17 Conference Preview: “Enabling Reconstruction of Attacks on Users via Efficient Browsing Snapshots”  [Video]
Phani Vadrevu, Ph.D. student, University of Georgia