School of Cybersecurity and Privacy Lecture Series Archive



“New Perspectives on Control-Flow Hijacking Mitigation”  [Video]
Nathan Burrow, Post-doctoral researcher, Purdue University

“Triaging and Debugging Failures in Deployed Software by Reverse Execution”  [Video]
Weidong Cui, Principal Researcher Microsoft Research Redmond Lab

“The Implications of Privacy-Aware Choices”  [Video]
Rachel Cummings, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering Georgia Tech

“Social Cybersecurity”  [Video]
Sauvik Das, Assistant professor, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Tech

“Beyond Snowden: Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Mass Surveillance”  [Video]
Timothy Edgar, Senior fellow in international and public affairs, Brown University

“Cryptoeconomics.Study and a Plasma Primer”  
Karl Floersch, Researcher, Ethereum Foundation

“Emulytics at Sandia: Emulation-based Modeling and Analysis of Computer Systems”  [Video]
Kasimir Gabert, Sandia National Laboratories

“Forward Leaning – Reshaping and Rethinking Cyber R&D”  [Video]
Kevin Greene, Principal Software Assurance Engineer, The MITRE Corporation

“Cyber Simulation and Threat Assessment”  [Video]
Ambrose Kam, Cyber simulation product manager, Lockheed Martin

“Proving Anything, Quickly, Privately, and Elegantly with Secure Computation” [Video]
Vladimir Kolesnikov, Assistant professor, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech

“Practical Software Hardening Against Code Reuse Attacks”  [Video]
Hyungjoon Koo, Ph.D. candidate, Stony Brook University

“The Insider’s View of a Data Breach – how policy, forensics, and attribution apply in the real world”  [Video]
Todd McClelland, Partner

“Open Source Intelligence Applications in Cybersecurity”  [Video]
Thomas Shields, Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of Technology

“Security Along the SoC Lifecycle: Current Practices and Challenges Ahead”  [Video]
Mark Tehranipoor, Intel Charles E. Young Preeminence Endowed Chair Professor in Cybersecurity, University of Florida


“The Scalability of Vulnerability Analysis”
Kennon Bittick, CIPHER Lab, Georgia Tech Research Institute  [Video]

“Secure Communication Channel Establishment: TLS 1.3 (over TCP Fast Open) vs. QUIC”
Shan Chen, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech

“Clash of Cultures” Privacy and the Internet”  [Video]
Ted Claypoole, Womble Bond Dickinson LLP

“Insight from an Alumnus”
Paul Everton, MailControl

“I made the very model, but the model was too general: Modeling every cyber vegetable, animal, and mineral”
David Jakob Fritz, Sandia National Laboratories

“Hacking Data-Flow for Turing-Complete Attacks”  [Video]
Hong Hu, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech

“Automated In-memory Malware/rootkit Detection via Binary Analysis and Machine Learning”  [Video]
Malachi Jones, Booz Allen Dark Labs

“Enterprise Security at Georgia Tech”  [Video]
Kyle Koza, Office of Information Technology, Georgia Tech

“Revocations Are Dead, Long Live Revocations”  [Video]
Dave Levin, University of Maryland

“Towards Measuring the Effectiveness of Telephony Blacklists”  [Video]
Sharbani Pandit, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech

“What Do CISOs Do All Day?”  [Video]
Jerry Perullo, InterContinental Exchange, Inc.

“Convicted by Memory: Recovering Spatial-Temporal Digital Evidence from Memory Images”  [Video]
Brendan Saltaformaggio, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech

“Solving the Biggest Problems”  [Video]
Joshua C. Sorenson, Delta Air Lines

“rtCaptcha: Video, Voice, and Smarts for Secure Authentication”  [Video]
Erkam Uzun, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech