School of Cybersecurity and Privacy Lecture Series Archive


Fall Semester

“Building a Strategic Privacy Program”  
Evan Glover – Chief Privacy Officer, NCR Corporation

“Securing FPGA-Accelerated Cloud Infrastructures” 
Jakub Szefer, Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Yale University

“Improving End-User Security & Privacy via Physicalized Computing Interfaces” 
Youngwook Do– Ph.D. student, Georgia Tech

“When Push Comes to Ads: Measuring the Rise of (Malicious) Push Advertising” 
Karthika Subramani – Ph.D. candidate, University of Georgia

“IISP welcomes guest speakers Henry Tong and Larry LaMont from Qualcomm”[slides] 
Henry Tong – Vice President of Engineering, Qualcomm, and Larry LaMont – Digital Signal Processing Engineer, Qualcomm

“Temporal System Call Specialization for Attack Surface Reduction” 
Seyedhamed Ghavamnia – Ph.D. candidate, Stony Brook University 

“Data Portability & Cross-Border Data Flows” 
Peter Swire – Scheller College of Business

“Multi-Layer API Specialization for Attack Surface Reduction”  
Shachee Mishra – Ph.D. scholar at Stony Brook University

“Watching IoTs That Watch Us: Empirically Studying IoT Security & Privacy at Scale” 
Danny Y. Huang  – Assistant Professor, New York University

“Meddling Middlemen: Empirical Analysis of the Risks of Data-Saving Mobile Browsers”   
Brian Kondracki – Ph.D. student, Stony Brook University

“Automating the Discovery of Censorship Evasion”  
Kevin Bock – PhD student, UMD

“Voice Biometrics and Emerging security threats in the voice channel”
Elie Khoury – Pindrop

“The Joys of Corrupting Memory (Modern Windows Software Exploitation)”
Grant Hollis – Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories (LM ATL)Chief of Staff, LMCO

“Cyber Buzz: Examining Virality Characteristics of Cybersecurity Content in Social Networks”  [slides]
Thomas Shields – Research Scientist at GTRI

Spring Semester

“Reflections on Internet Surveillance”  [video]  [slides]
Nicholas Weaver – UC Berkeley

“Using AI to Detect Zero-Day Malware”  [video]  [slides]
Tommy Gardner -Chief Technology Officer HP

“Less is More: Web Application Attack Surface Reduction Through Software Debloating”  [video]  [slides]
Babak ​Amin Aza

“From Attack to Defense: Study Security Problems in the Android Kernel Ecosystem”
Hang Zhang

“Differentially Private Change-point Detection”  [video]  [slides]
Wanrong ​Zhan

“Fighting Voice Spam with a Virtual Assistant”  [video]  [slides]
Sharbani ​Pandit, Ph.D. Student at Georgia Tech, College of Computin

“Barnum: Detecting Document Malware via Control Flow Anomalies in Hardware Traces” 
Carter Yagemann, Ph.D. Student, Georgia Tech​

“The Impact of Compiler-Based Performance Optimizations on Security”  [video]  [slides]
Michael Brown, GTRI Research Scientist

“Space Wars: Exploiting Program (in)Variants for Software Security”  [video]  [slides]
Dr. Hong Hu, Georgia Tech Research Scientist​

“Hardware Trojan detection using the backscattering side channel​”  [video]
Luong ​Nguyen​

“Equifax Security Transformation and the Future of Cybersecurity”​
Jamil Farshchi, Chief Information Security Officer at Equifax​​

“Little Bobby Tables’ Student Records”​
Kyle Koza, Principal Information Security Engineer at Georgia Institute of Technology​