School of Cybersecurity and Privacy Lecture Series Archive


Fall Semester

“Open Mic Friday session” 
IN-PERSON guests only – Faculty, students, and visitors

The School of Cybersecurity and Privacy welcomes guest speakers
Kevin Walker – Amazon Security Director  “Part One: Fireside Chat”
Michael Davis – Principal Security Engineer   “Part Two: Securing an Application: the Amazon Way”

“Ensuring Robust Security on Mobile Devices”
Henry Tong – Vice President of Engineering, Qualcomm
Viji Raveendran – Senior Director of Technology, Qualcomm

“Invisible Security: Protecting Users with No Time to Spare”   video
Josiah Dykstra – National Security Agency

“Deterrence in the Cyber Realm: Public vs. Private Cyber Capacity”   video
Nadiya Kostyuk, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech School of Public Policy

“GT Cybersecurity Students Preview Research Appearing at ACM Computer and Communications Security Conference (CCS)”  video
Carter Yagemann – Ph.D. candidate, School of Cybersecurity and Privacy
Sena Sahin – Ph.D. candidate, School of Cybersecurity and Privacy
Jonathan Fuller – Ph.D. candidate, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

“A Random Walk Through 1,000,000 Things”
Chris Rouland – Co-founder and CEO of Phosphorus Cybersecurity Inc.

“Bridging the Theory and Practice of Cryptography”​   video
Joseph Jaeger, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech School of Cybersecurity and Privacy

“Understanding the Trust Relationships of the Web PKI”   video
Zane Ma – Postdoc Researcher, Georgia Tech ECE

“Cyber On Trial: An Insider’s View of the Legal Fallout from Cybersecurity Issues in Corporate Enterprises”  video
Todd McClelland – Partner, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

“Secure Federated Learning”   video
Neil Gong – Assistant Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University

“Side Channel Attacks: When a Small Leakage Becomes a Big Problem”​   
Daniel Genkin, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech

Spring Semester

“Sensing with Random Encoding for Enhanced Security in Embedded Systems”   video
Kevin Hutto – Ph.D. Student, Georgia Tech ECE

“Function Equivalence with Symbolic Execution”   video
Kennon Bittick – Research Scientist, GTRI CIPHER

“Security as a Whole – An Overview of a Security Management Framework in Today’s Society”
Dr. Frederick Benaben Professeur – IMT Mines Albi

“Voice Biometrics and Emerging Security Threats in the Voice Channel”   video
Dr. Elie Khoury – Director of Research, Pindrop

“Privacy-Preserving Approximate k-Nearest-Neighbors Search that Hides Access, Query and Volume Patterns”   video
Tianxin Tang – Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science at Georgia Tech

“Applying Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) in a Cyber Wargaming Engine”   video  
Ambrose Kam – Chief Engineer, Cyber Innovations at Lockheed Martin

“Creating, Weaponizing, and Detecting Deep Fakes”   
Hany Farid – Professor, University of California, Berkeley

“War by Other Means”   video
Harri Hursti – Co-founder Nordic Innovation Labs

“Recent Insights from Analysis Users’ Web Browsing Behavior”   
Yuliia Lut – Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University

“Security and Privacy of Internet Voting in U.S. Elections”   
Michael A. Specter – EECS Ph.D. Student, MIT

“To Err.Is Human: Characterizing the Threat of Unintended URLs in Social Media”   
Beliz Kaleli – Ph.D. Student, Boston University

“Zero-Knowledge for Everything and Everyone”   video 
David Heath – Ph.D. Researcher, Georgia Tech 

“Grid Cybersecurity Strategy in an Attacker-Defender Model”​
Yu-Cheng Chen – Ph.D. student at Georgia Institute of Technology in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

“Discovering Ad-driven Social Engineering Campaigns at Scale”   video
Phani Vadrevu – Assistant Professor, University of New Orleans 

“Securing Democracy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.  video 
L. Jason Anastasopoulos – Assistant Professor in Public Administration and Policy and Political Science at the University of Georgia