Program priorities

The new School of Cybersecurity and Privacy is interdisciplinary and intercollegiate, reflecting the complex nature of the problems we set out to solve. We take our agenda from the needs of individuals, corporations, and governments, and it includes some of today’s most pressing issues:

Critical Technologies

  • Security assessment of critical technologies like voting systems, security monitoring systems, etc.
  • Government and industry collaboration for technology access, bug bounty and security certification.

Integration of AI/ML

  • Applying deep learning to cybersecurity and privacy.
  • Ensuring the security and privacy of AI.
  • Protection of private data used in machine learning.

Protecting FinTech

  • Leverage Atlanta’s status as the transaction capital of the world
  • New technology and security challenges including blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, etc.

Privacy Policy & Engineering

  • Privacy is increasingly being recognized to be as important as security.
  • Automatically generating and checking privacy policy per regulations.
  • Automatically generating systems/engineering requirements from privacy policy.

Secure Healthcare

  • Security and privacy of medical devices, particularly embedded/implanted devices.
  • Secure sharing of healthcare data, including medical images and care plans.
  • Defenses against health data breaches.

Policy at all levels

  • Organizational, national and international policies.
  • Governance models, economic models and incentives, and the effects of culture and human behavior.