The Industry Ecosystem

The School of Cybersecurity and Privacy will build deep connections with its industry partners, many of whom have been working with Georgia Tech on these issues for years. The school is in the process of creating its Industrial Advisory Board, which will serve as a valuable partner in the creation of its mission and strategic vision. Here is a sampling of industry voices in support of the new school:

“We are extraordinarily excited to see the formation of the new School of Cybersecurity within Georgia Tech.  As an Atlanta-headquartered financial services company charged with protecting critical economic infrastructure and data across the globe, we’ve partnered successfully with Georgia Tech for years sponsoring programs, participating in industry advisory bodies, reviewing student projects, speaking in the classroom to give students and faculty visibility into the cyber challenges facing large enterprises, and hiring top talent on graduation.  We are excited to look forward to close collaboration with the new school!”

Jerry Perullo

Chief Information Security Officer, Intercontinental Exchange/ICE/NYSE

“Financial technology companies leverage technology and data to fuel innovation, which makes cybersecurity and privacy vital to their success. This means not only staying on the cutting edge technologically, but also building systems that work with multiple sets of privacy regulations in different jurisdictions. The School of Cybersecurity will be an essential resource for fintech companies in Atlanta and worldwide.”

Ryan Graciano

B.S. C.S. ’04, Co-founder and CTO, Credit Karma

“New technologies like cloud computing, mobile computing, and big data are transforming everyone’s lives, and all of them call for integrated cybersecurity solutions and thoughtful privacy policies. The talent and technologies coming out of the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy will help to enable new markets, solve new problems, and address old problems more affordably.”

Patrick Taylor

Vice President, Tech Operators Venture Capital

“I am so grateful to the College of Computing for allowing and enabling me to pioneer cybersecurity as a Ph.D. student, and since then I have watched the College produce talent that will help secure the future.  It is exciting to see a School of Cybersecurity and Privacy combining technology, business and Policy to serve our community and Country with the research, talent, values and excitement that are so uniquely Georgia Tech.”

Dr. Phyllis Schneck

VP and Chief Information Security Officer, Northrup Grumman

“Consumer demands for digital service are transforming business, forcing new innovations in cloud infrastructure and other areas for businesses to compete or remain relevant. Every one of these innovations must be accompanied by new cybersecurity technologies and policies in order to keep both corporations and consumers safe. The School of Cybersecurity and Privacy, in other words, is addressing a vast and growing demand from all sectors of the modern digital economy.”

Tony Spinelli

CEO and Founder, S7 Advisors LLC

“The creation of a new School of Cybersecurity and Privacy will help the Atlanta tech ecosystem build on two of its greatest strengths: internet security and payment processing. Georgia Tech is a world-class university that creates world-class technology, and I expect the new school to both produce new companies and also provide vital support to existing ones both locally and nationally.”

Alan Taetle

General Partner, Noro-Moseley Partners

“Machine learning (ML) has opened up new frontiers in building adaptive cybersecurity. The new school will build on Georgia Tech’s expertise in machine learning and cybersecurity to produce multi-dicipline research at the intersection between the two.”

Chris Klaus

Co-founder and CEO, Kaneva