The School of Cybersecurity and Privacy will bring together faculty, staff, and students who are currently homed across the Institute. Georgia Tech’s leadership strongly supports this inter-college vision that reflects a diversity of thought, and our common commitment to the cutting edge.

Institute Leadership

President Angel Cabrera

Angel Cabrera


“Georgia Tech has earned a reputation for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in service to society. Georgia Tech’s new School of Cybersecurity and Privacy will focus on applied research collaborations as well as translational research with the fast-growing cybersecurity industry in Georgia, meeting a critical workforce need. Our new school will bring together Georgia Tech’s expertise in the field to advance technology and improve the human condition.”

Provost Rafael Bras

Rafael Bras


“The School of Cybersecurity and Privacy at Georgia Tech is the first school of its kind at a top university, drawing together faculty and researchers across various disciplines from practically all six colleges and the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Our excellence in the field is well established but the School will create the necessary synergy to multiply our impact, and make our national security, and the personal security of individuals, safer from the threat of cyberattacks.”

EVPR Chaouki Abdallah

Chaouki Abdallah

Executive Vice President for Research

“Effective cybersecurity and data privacy programs are critical to the function and well-being of nations, businesses, and individual lives. The new School of Cybersecurity and Privacy leverages Georgia Tech’s interdisciplinary approach to research and education, with the potential to yield significant novel technologies and discoveries, as well as new leaders in the field.”

Deans in Partnership

Dean Charles Isbell

Charles Isbell

Dean, College of Computing

“Cybersecurity includes not only technology, but the law, business processes, and cultural considerations. The School of Cybersecurity and Privacy will bring together thought leaders from all of those areas to push the envelope of technical innovation and produce the workforce of the future.”

Dean Steve McLaughlin

Steve McLaughlin

Dean, College of Engineering

“Cybersecurity is not just a personal issue — our credit cards or identities quickly come to mind — but it has an even larger impact on national security, financial markets, even power grids. That is why the new School of Cybersecurity is so important at this time.”

Kaye Husbands Fealing

Dean, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

“By drawing on Georgia Tech’s globally respected expertise in the technology and policy areas, the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy will extend our leadership in this area with exactly the kind of innovative, interdisciplinary, human-centered thinking and research we need to advance socially responsible and technically practical solutions to those critical issues.

Dean Nelson Baker

Nelson Baker

Dean, Georgia Tech Professional Education

“Cybersecurity is a dynamic and complex field that demands professionals have not only a high level of  technical expertise, but also a broad range of multi-disciplinary knowledge and the ability to adapt and grow in an evolving environment. Following the creation of the OMS Cybersecurity degree, the creation of the School of Cybersecurity brings together the deep level of expertise at Georgia Tech and serves as yet another commitment to meet learners at every stage of their life and career in this high demand field.”

Interim Chair

Rich DeMillo

Richard DeMillo

Charlotte B. and Roger C. Warren Chair of Computing
Founding Director, Center for 21st Century Universities
Former Director, Georgia Tech Information Security Center

“Its roots are in computer science and engineering, mathematics, public policy, and national security, but the last twenty years has seen the birth of Cybersecurity as a profession in its own right. Student and faculty come to us with different aspirations.  I am pleased that the Institute recognized this shift by launching an academic unit that will be home to a new generation of scholars.  Building that culture will be challenging, but we will be judged by the success of our people and our ability to meet the growing demand for Georgia Tech-caliber experts with unique skills.”