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Washington Post
As states ban TikTok on government devices, evidence of harm is thin

Tech grads featured on new Forbes 30 Under 30 list

The National Interest
Artificial Intelligence And the Human Context of War

Universities Tackle Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage

The Conversation
Cyberattacks have yet to play a significant role in Russia’s battlefield operations in Ukraine – cyberwarfare experts explain the likely reasons

The Wall Street Journal
U.S.-EU Data Privacy Deal Faces Key Questions on Surveillance

Jackson Michigan To Install License Plate-Reading Cameras. Are You Ok With Them?

Video Interview: India Today
Russia-Ukraine war: Is this world’s first hybrid war?

Video Interview: Manoto TV
Clip with Nadiya Kostyuk begins at 33 minutes and is duplicated in Persian.

El País
Why electronic warfare (so far) has not appeared in Ukraine

Article is in Spanish

Internet Governance at Georgia Tech
ICANN, Ukraine and Leveraging Internet Identifiers

European Law Blog
EU/US Adequacy Negotiations and the Redress Challenge: How to Create an Independent Authority with Effective Remedy Powers

War on the Rocks
There is No Cyber ‘Shock and Awe’: Plausible Threats in the Ukrainian Conflict

Why Did Russia Escalate Its Gray Zone Conflict in Ukraine?