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Over Two Decades of Cybersecurity and Privacy Research

Georgia Tech’s dedication to cybersecurity and privacy dates back to the 1998 Sam Nunn Information Security Forum and the founding of the Georgia Tech Information Security Center. Our school may be new, but the cutting-edge research conducted by faculty and students is rooted in a tradition of excellence and proven achievement.

Research Highlights

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Rising Stars: Georgia Tech Cyber Students Recognized as RSA Scholars

Two Ph.D. students studying in the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy (SCP) will join students from over 30 universities and institutions at the RSA Conference where they will participate in the Security Scholars program.

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Alexandra Boldyreva

Award Recognizes Professor’s Pioneering Contributions to Encryption for Cloud Computing

Research in securing cloud storage conducted by a Georgia Tech professor continues to gain recognition 15-years after publication and will receive the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) Test-of-Time Award later this year

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New Bugs Identified in Popular
Programming Language

During a six-and-a-half-hour implementation, a new static analysis tool created at Georgia Tech doubled the number of known memory safety bugs in the Rust programming language.

Developed over the course of three years, the tool, known as Rudra, recently received the distinguished artifact award during the ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles.

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Research Areas

  • Applied and theoretical cryptography
  • Cyber operations and strategy
  • Election security
  • Malware detection, prediction, and mitigation
  • System security, including hardware, software, network, cloud, cyber-physical
  • Internet infrastructure and measurement
  • IoT security
  • Privacy
  • Policy and law
  • Threat and cyberconflict analytics