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The Second Annual Cybersecurity Summer Institute

Georgia Tech’s School of Cybersecurity and Privacy and School of Public Policy proudly present CSI’23!

Cybersecurity has become a common feature of national and global politics. The main goal of the Cybersecurity Summer Institute (CSI) is to provide Ph.D. students with foundational knowledge of both the technical and social aspects of cybersecurity and to facilitate interdisciplinary research on this topic. By the end of CSI, policy students should become more aware of the technical complexities of their research, whereas computer science students should have a better understanding of the policy implications of their research. Students should leave CSI with a robust foundational understanding of cybersecurity in order to continue conducting evidence-based research, combining the strengths of both the computer science and policy fields.

Event Dates and Location

Georgia Tech Campus in Atlanta, Georgia

Reception: Monday, May 15, 2023

Classes: May 16 – 24


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Dr. Nadiya Kostyuk
CSI Founder and Co-Director

Assistant Professor in the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy and School of Public Policy at Georgia Tech

Dr. Nils Weidmann
CSI Co-Director

Professor at University of Konstanz

Vagisha Srivastava
Program Coordinator

Ph.D. student in the School of Public Policy at Georgia Tech

CSI is supported by the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy, the School of Public Policy, and the CIBER center at Georgia Tech. If you have any questions, please send an inquiry to csi.gatech@gmail.com.

More Information

The Institute experience will include:

  • Lectures and mentoring from leading scholars from the social science and computer science disciplines
  • Faculty feedback on presentations from the participants about their own research
  • Advice on professional advancement and the opportunity to establish long-term relationships with leading scholars
  • An interdisciplinary group research project

CSI is a ten-day program that provides world-class training on how to conduct interdisciplinary research in cybersecurity. Taught by guest lecturers from the social science and computer science disciplines, CSI seeks to offer younger scholars the opportunity to work with senior scholars who are leaders in advancing theoretical and empirical research in cybersecurity. Lecturers will be drawn from the faculty at Georgia Tech as well as highly recognized scholars from across the globe.

CSI will be held on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta, beginning Monday, May 15, and ending the following week on Wednesday, May 24. While participating students will be offered a modest stipend that should cover most of their travel and accommodation expenses, they should also seek additional funding in their home institutions to supplement the provided stipend.


We plan to recruit students from national and international institutions. An ideal candidate is a Ph.D. student who is working on the topic of cybersecurity and who either has a relevant technological background and is interested in the social implications of their work or has a relevant social science background and is interested in the technological implications of their work. Up to 20 students will be selected for participation based on the following criteria:


Students must be enrolled in a Ph.D. program in computer science, history, law, political science, public policy, sociology, or a related field.


Student research interests must include cybersecurity, under the context of technology, computer science, or social sciences.


Students must have completed at least one year of coursework in their Ph.D. program by the start of their time at the CSI.

We are particularly interested in students of groups who have been historically underrepresented in the field of cybersecurity. Additionally, we are also interested in receiving applications from students from institutions where coursework in cybersecurity is not regularly offered.

Application deadline for 2023 session has been extended to January 31st, 2023. Applicants should include two brief letters of recommendation (externally emailed to csi.gatech@gmail.com), a short statement from the applicants explaining their research project ideas/abstracts and why they are interested in attending CSI.

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