About Us

The School of Cybersecurity and Privacy (SCP) is the Georgia Institute of Technology’s newest academic unit, as of fall 2020, and in many ways its most ambitious to date. We will meet the needs of new and current students and develop new programs even as we build on existing strengths. Georgia Tech’s commitment to cybersecurity predates the term, extending back more than 20 years to the Sam Nunn Forum which drew attention to the vulnerabilities of emerging computerized financial systems. In the intervening years, cybersecurity and privacy disciplines have become more important than ever to prepare and equip future professionals to help keep safe our personal and national interests.  

There is much work ahead of us to establish the school and to create a truly inclusive model for an academic unit that reaches every corner of the institute and leverages our combined strengths. We are positioned well as we prepare to advance our leadership in cybersecurity and privacy. 

The school ultimately is a resource for Georgia Tech’s total efforts in these areas — across education, professional development, research, and programming. We want to be able to make connections across campus no matter where you work or study. Industry partners will be critical in the school’s development as we build a better picture of the needs of companies, governments, and other organizations in order to teach and train future professionals.