Graduation Messages

#GT21 MS in Cybersecurity

10 years down the line I envision myself teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts!

I hail from India and finished my Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology in 2017. I’m an avid reader, a history buff, and like cooking! My fascination with Cryptography started after reading Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress and I’ve relentlessly pursued advancements in computer security ever since. I worked for 2 years to get a taste of the tech industry and the need to cultivate a security mindset strengthened my resolve to pursue a Master’s degree. Getting into Georgia Tech was a dream come true and everything since then has been one adventurous ride! I owe everything to my parents for their unflinching support; this degree is as much theirs as it is mine.

Program Highlights: I remember being excited about the curriculum knowing it had courses from three different schools. Cybersecurity is not only about the technology, it is also about the people impacted by it. The classes I took from the Policy track really helped me understand why we do what we do. I also had the chance to work with Dr. Mustaque Ahamad. His guidance helped me develop a whole new perspective of looking at challenges. The courses, in general, were very well planned and I gained a lot of technical know-how especially from the Info Sec Lab. I’m glad I got such a holistic sense of security!

Parting Advice: It’s one of the best schools! Everyone here is going to be smart and it’s easy to get intimidated. Don’t let that deter you from reaching out for help. You can make a complete fool of yourself and it’ll be okay; you’re here to learn!

What’s Next: 10 years down the line I envision myself teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts! For now, I’m thrilled to step out in the real world and apply my skills. My time at Georgia Tech has taught me that we will always have new things to learn!