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Maneel Manish Modi is Confident His New Cybersecurity Credentials Will Position Him Well in Industry

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Born and brought up in Mumbai, Maneel Manish Modi is on the verge of completing his journey at Georgia Tech and is soon to be the proud recipient of a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity. Describing himself as an avid sports enthusiast outside the classroom, he believes that having studied alongside those focusing on other specialty areas of cybersecurity and being exposed to a diverse mix of perspectives will serve him well as he prepares to take his first full-time job. 

Now 24, Maneel wanted to get school out of the way and resisted the temptation to go straight into the tech industry with his computer engineering bachelor’s credentials. He thinks he’s better prepared now to face a high-growth, fast-paced tech sector, especially that of information security, an area that he believes will challenge him for the foreseeable future.    

Maneel is undeniably energized as he heads out to start his career and leverage all that he has learned. He aims to absorb as much as he can by taking on varied projects and working toward the long-term growth that the field promises. With cybersecurity professionals constantly in demand across industries, Maneel’s prospects to do exactly that look very good indeed. – JP

Maneel Manish Modi


Program Highlights: The breadth of the program within the Information Security track was probably my favorite part of it. Taking a number of courses across the different subdomains of the vast sphere that is security ensured that we had a sufficient background in all of them while giving us the opportunity to pursue what we were really interested in going forward. 

Another great aspect was the option to take elective courses offered primarily to students pursuing the Policy or Cyber-Physical Systems tracks. I strongly believe that taking the courses covering cybersecurity policies and privacy regulations were key to coming out of Georgia Tech with a well-rounded knowledge of the domain.

Parting Advice: You’ll do just fine! Things can get intense (especially during the Information Security Laboratory course!) but my experience with professors and classmates has been extremely positive – everyone has been really helpful and understanding. I wasn’t sure coming right after my undergraduate degree was the right choice but looking back now, I have no regrets whatsoever. 

What’s Next: The last two years have been unforgettable, and I’d like to thank my family and friends for all their support and encouragement. I’m looking forward to getting out there and gaining some experience in the industry and see where that takes me. I’ve learnt a lot, both inside and outside the classroom, and hope to stay in touch with all the amazing people I’ve met on this journey. Until next time, Georgia Tech.