Stealth Mode

Career Computer Engineer Jada Brock Has a Whole New Respect for Digital Privacy and Cybersecurity

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Georgia Tech’s graduate course in Privacy, Technology, Policy and Law had an unintended consequence for Jada Brock – it scared her into going incognito on the web.

The same semester, she took the Security Operations and Incidents Response course – taught by former GT CISO Jimmy Lummis and where students learn about tools hackers use – and the two classes together put Jada on the path to minimizing her digital footprint. (She insists both were among her favorite courses).

Jada says that the conservative approach to her online presence is also part of her broader responsibility to the public. She works in a government agency that deals with critical infrastructure, and she understands the real-world consequences that cyber threats pose.

“Maybe when I retire, I’ll start putting more pictures online,” she jokes.

Jada has more than 20 years of public service and has constantly moved forward along with the IT field. Her new degree from the Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity degree program from Georgia Tech shows this continued commitment.

Cybersecurity seemed like a perfect fit for a career computing engineer who had already lived through Y2K and has an awareness of what is at stake in an increasingly networked world. She decided to get into cybersecurity after learning from a coworker about Georgia Tech’s online program.

Her newfound cyber skills prompted her to make a budget request at her agency for new backup servers. It worked.

“Nothing is better than backups,” she says, then laughs.

Jada is one of three women in the OMS Cyber program graduating in spring 2021. The three are the first women to graduate from the two-year-old program and, in doing so, are making Georgia Tech history. Jada is proud of this fact, but it’s not something you’ll see her sharing online anytime soon. We did that for her. – JP



Program Highlights: I felt the level of knowledge from each professor was honestly top-notch.  Every instructor is at the top of their field and this shows as you begin your coursework. Class offerings are balanced and relevant to what’s happening now in cybersecurity. I found working on projects and weekly assignments rewarding and the online platform made communication with fellow classmates and instructor’s no different than sitting in a classroom on campus.

Parting Advice: If you are considering this program at Georgia Tech, do not hesitate – enroll.  You will be amazed at the quality of the program and pace. Plus, you can never go wrong having the Georgia Institute of Technology on your résumé for your education. 

Women join this program and take the world by storm. Do not feel intimidated.  As one of the few females in this program, I never experienced discrimination and was always treated equally in the classroom by everyone. If you enroll, you will be glad that you took this step to educate yourself at this prestigious institution. 

What’s Next: I am a career government employee in the technology field. I plan on using my knowledge to protect my workplace and colleagues against cyber-related threats. Most likely I will begin studying for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification. The coursework for the OMS in Cybersecurity program at Georgia Tech has prepared me well for this certification and will exponentially enrich my contributions in the workplace.