“Security as a Whole – An Overview of a Security Management Framework in Today’s Society”

April 9th, 2021 | 12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT | LINK

Dr.Frederick Benaben
Professeur – IMT Mines Albi

Cybersecurity Virtual Lecture Series
Co-sponsored by the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy and the Institute for Information Security and Privacy


The consistency and the concordance of the parallel evolutions of security (as a whole) and society (as a complex system) might be questionable. Do security management practices and tools remain appropriate and efficient for our society’s insane trajectory towards hyper-density and hyper-connection? In order to explore this question, the webinar will focus on presenting a framework for characterizing and formalizing risk and security management before delivering some significant elements of our society’s evolution. By crossing the two and assessing the adequacy of security management approaches to current societal specificities, the needs and avenues of evolution of security will be put forward. The research conducted today and for more than 15 years by Frederick Benaben aims to formalize a systemic vision of risk and crisis management, in order to define and experiment the role that technological innovations can play in the deployment and evolution of information systems dedicated to security management. In his talk, Frederick Benaben will present both a theoretical framework for global security management and technological advances for security management adapted to the evolution of our society. 

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Frederick Benaben is Full Professor (Industrial Engineering Center, IMT Mines Albi), Adjunct-Professor at Georgia Tech ISyE and Beijing JiaoTong University SEM. At IMT Mines Albi, he is the head of the research axis “Security and Crisis Management”, of the thematic group “Model-Driven Engineering” and Director of the IS/AI Engineering Master Major. He is Director of the IOMEGA-VR Lab (Immersive Technologies for Security) and Co-Director of the International Laboratory SIReN (Sentient Immersive Response Network), between IMT Mines Albi and Georgia Tech ISyE. He works on the use of data to model instable situations and support decision making and security management. Frederick Benaben is the instigator and coordinator of the works on the R-IOSuite platform for crisis management which has been semi-finalist of the 2019 IBM Call4Code competition (one of the 5 selected European software, 25 worldwide, among 5,000+ competitors). Frederick Benaben believes in imagination, in the ideas you draw on the corner of a board, in interdisciplinarity and in hard and collective work for the purpose of applied research.