Safeguarding IoT Protocols: New Challenges and Verifiable Solutions

Mar. 25, 2021 | 1 pm EDT | LINK

Luyi Xing,
Indiana University Bloomington

SCP Seminal Talk
Presented by the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy

Title: Safeguarding IoT Protocols: New Challenges and Verifiable Solutions

Abstract: The cloud-centered IoT infrastructure has emerged to help IoT manufacturers connect their devices to their users. In the infrastructure, IoT protocols determine how IoT devices communicate with users and how they are access-controlled. However, IoT protocols come with fundamental security challenges, and can hardly guide the implementation of trusted IoT systems. In this talk, I will introduce the latest security analysis on IoT protocols in the context of real-world systems, and new insights and techniques to safeguard IoT systems. 

Bio: Luyi Xing is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Indiana University Bloomington. Before joining IU, he worked for three years in the industry, focusing on engineering large, distributed systems at AWS, Amazon. His primary research interest is security analysis on protocols and systems related to IoT, mobile, and cloud, and building trusted, verifiable systems and security tools. His research has been featured by large media agencies in the world, including CNN, Time, and Fox News. He received the third-place award in the National Security Innovation Competition (2014) of the Department of Homeland Security, and the CSAW Best Applied Research Paper Award (2016, 2015)