Workshop: Building a Strategic Blueprint for Cybersecurity and Privacy Education

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Date(s): March ???, 2021 | Virtual Register for free

The Georgia Cybersecurity and Privacy Roadmap Taskforce presents:

The Georgia Cybersecurity and Privacy Roadmap Taskforce (GCRT), organized by University System of Georgia, will serve to create and execute a strategic action plan that can be implemented across public and private education systems, including K-12, technical colleges and university programs.

This virtual workshop includes panelists from a broad cross-section of education areas in the state and will offer practitioners the chance to collaborate and share perspectives about establishing a statewide education program to meet the growing demand for cybersecurity talent.

Currently, the Georgia education system is not producing enough qualified cyber-science and privacy professionals to fill the growing number of critical cybersecurity jobs within the state and close the workforce gap. The workshop will provide insights and critical knowledge about the many facets of Cybersecurity and Privacy that impact Georgia, other U.S. states, and nations across the globe.

PANELISTS: Practitioners and guests from K-12 STEM, University System of Georgia, Technical College System of Georgia, HBCUs, Georgia DoE, and others.

Areas we’ll explore during the virtual workshop:

  • Assets and tools that are effective in knowledge development
  • Building blocks required to scale programs across education and training
  • Strategies to attract, afford or retain resources across the education eco-system
  • Education and career-focused models
  • Strategies to introduce cybersecurity and privacy early in the process
  • Student population demographic and psychographic forecasts
  • Retraining the workforce of the future

Georgia Tech is a key partner in the GCRT. Learn more about education and research in cybersecurity and privacy at Georgia Tech.